How to communicate with your home cleaning company to get the best experience ? "

Published on 18 August 2023 at 18:27

            If you want to ensure a great experience with our home cleaning company ,

here are a few tips to communicate effectively:

Clear Instructions:
     Provide detailed instructions on what areas you want to be cleaned,
any specific products you prefer,
and any items that need special care.

Schedule & Access:
     Let us know your preferred cleaning schedule and how our team can access your home.
     If there are any changes, give us a heads-up.

     We value your feedback!

      If something isn't up to your satisfaction , let us know promptly so we can address it and improve our service.

Special Requests:
   Have any special requests?
                  Just communicate them beforehand,
    whether it's about certain rooms or items.

Open Communication:
    Feel free to communicate via phone, email, or website
    – whatever works best for you.

      By working together ,  
     we can make sure you get the best cleaning experience possible! 🏡✨
Lil Mo's Cleaning Services
        Monica Trevino

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